Pay Per Click Management

Professional PPC Management

We Specialize in Pay Per Click Management, and produce powerful lead generating campaigns.

Search Advertising

Spend money wisely using perhaps the most targeted and cost effective form of advertising in existence. If you're not showing up where potential customers are "searching" for you, you're missing out! 


Turn your valuable ‘potential customers’ into ‘loyal customers’. We can help you re-engage visitors who have already expressed an interest in your brand. Remarketing also know as "Retargeting" is a powerful way to boost your advertising efforts.

Social Advertising

Social Media advertising is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and engage with highly targeted, relevant audiences. Tap into the potential of powerful advertising platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Twitter Ads. 

Powerful Analytics

Track all of your advertising spend from our custom client portal. Here, you will be able to monitor your campaigns' performance, measure your return and adjust your spend/promotions.

We know that in order for you see results from your campaigns, we have to do more than just drive a lot traffic to your site, we have to drive the “right” traffic to your site. At AbsolutelyDominate we know how to help you get quality, targeted traffic.

Before we work with any client, we take the time to find out who you are, what your business does or offers and then discuss what strategies will be most effective for your objectives and brand.

By taking the time to get to know you, our dedicated team of internet marketing experts can determine what advertising mediums make the most sense for your particular situation. Together we can come up with a winning strategy.

When it comes to Pay Per Click marketing, we know our stuff!  Let us put together a winning solution for your company. 

MORE THAN just a Pay Per Click Management Company.

We know that once a customer clicks and lands on your page, they need to be able to see immediately what it was they were searching for.

As a matter of fact, many campaigns fail for this very reason. And many times people are punished by the search engines because the ads they are running are not totally relevant to the landing page of their site.

This is where really DOMINATES in PPC Management. As mentioned earlier, we are more than just a Pay Per Click managing company. We are a full fledged internet marketing company.

Using our knowledge and expertise in conversion optimization we will help you develop a website geared to help prospects find what it is they are looking for, present a compelling, clear call-to-action and ultimately convert prospects into leads/sales.

Our company has invested thousands of dollars into studying conversion optimization. We've trained with renowned experts in this field and have gained a massive amount of experience testing and experimenting on our own. 

Conversion Optimization in more than just a piece of the puzzle. It is absolutely crucial to your success online. 


Integrating SEO with Pay Per Click is Extremely Powerful

From search advertising to social advertising to retargeting and beyond, there are a number of ways you can utilize paid search to draw in more clients and customers.

After consulting with you, we can determine what strategies best suit your needs and come up with a custom solution from there. We'll make sure you have a clear understanding of what options are available and create a game-plan to help you succeed.

Search Advertising

No form of advertising is more powerful than search. Your company needs to be there when potential customers search for your business.

We structure campaigns in such a way to tightly control what phrases/search terms your company shows up for. If you're not careful, your ads can show up for loosely or totally irrelevant search terms. We know how to prevent this

By being very targeted with your keyword list and tightly controlling how Google or Bing display your ads, we can prevent wasteful spend and be even more aggressive on keywords that matter most.

Social Advertising 

Social Media platforms such as Facebook Ads have a huge advantage in the marketing world. Facebook for instance, knows basically everything about you! Think about it. Facebook know where you live, what you like, what type of content you engage with, what your interests are...etc.

For marketers, this is great! We're able to key in on specific audiences and show ads to a very targeted market segment. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become a major part of our arsenal.

The fact that people spend so much time on social media and that we can place our ads in front of specific demographics makes this a very powerful, effective form of advertising.