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Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is extremely effective!

Having managed literally millions of dollars in paid ads for clients on Facebook, we understand which strategies work and how to use them effectively to bring valuable results.

Data Driven Advertising

Facebook ads allow us to get your ads in front of people who are likely interested in your products or services.

With Facebook advertising, we have the ability to strategically target demographics of people who have expressed interest in certain topics, people who match a certain set of criteria and also people who “look like” your previous customers. Facebook ads can be a huge game-changer for your business if utilized the right way. Having invested tremendous resources and time in the platform, we know what it takes to help you maximize your return on ad spend.

Some Facebook Targeting Methods Include:

– Engaging Previous Site Visitors

– Uploading and Targeting Email Lists

– Interest Targeting

– Ad/Video Engagement Targeting

– Lookalike Audience Creation & Targeting

Let us create powerful Facebook campaigns for your business!

Reach Engagement Sales!

Laser Targeted

Facebook Ads allows us to strategically target very specific audiences of people based upon a huge array of demographics and interests so that we can get your ads in front of people who are most likely to convert into sales for your business.

Creative Expertise

A crucial element of a successful campaign is your ad creative. We place a great deal of effort to make sure your ads stand out, presents your service or product in a professional way and ultimately convert.

Tight Control

Maintaining tight control to whom and how your ads are shown is key. We tightly control and tweak how your ads display and to demographics they are delivered to ensure you get the best engagement possible.

Smart Optimization

From market research, campaign objectives, audience building, location targeting, copy, creative and more. we know how to effectively manage Facebook Ad campaigns. Our optimization techniques help us maximize your return on investment.

Facebook Advertising is Powerful!

Generate mass brand awareness with Facebook Ads!

Perhaps one of the best benefits of Facebook advertising is the mass brand awareness we can generate. The ability to get literally thousands of impressions in front of very specific audiences is huge. Target your customers. Make your brand famous! Dominate your market!

Live Reporting App / Dashboard

No more waiting on reports… Get performance data in real time!

Our app/dashboard interfaces with platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and more to bring you campaign data in real time.

Live Reporting

Forget monthly or even weekly reporting! We give you our special app where you can track performance data in real time! Just open the app and there it is; all of the data for any date range you want to see.

View Custom Date Ranges

All of your reporting is live and easily accessible through the AbsolutelyDominate app. This includes all of your previous performance data as well. Just select the date range you want to see and BAM!

Insightful Spend Breakdowns

We break your spend down by age and gender so you can see exactly who is clicking on your ads. This helps us determine where your advertising dollars are best spent and helps us make smart optimizations as to where we allocate your ad spend.

Easy to Understand

We’ve worked very hard to make our reporting intuitive. Every metric is defined so you understand exactly what you are looking at. Our reporting dashboard also includes many helpful visualizations to help you digest your metrics.