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Having spent millions of dollars in paid advertising, we understand retargeting is more than just a competitive advantage. It is absolutely 100% essential to your success online.

Retargeting Makes All the Difference!

It’s a fact. Retargeting either makes or breaks your advertising efforts. In a fast-paced world with highly-competitive markets, it’s easy for consumers to get distracted. It’s also proven that most consumers will shop multiple options before making a purchase decision. With this said, if you fail to stay in front and remind potential customers about your product or service, you’re losing business to your competitors.

How it Works:
With retargeting we are able to follow people with ads who visited your website, browsed specific products, interacted with your social media profiles, posts, videos or ads and more!

Benefits of Retargeting include:

– Increased Brand Awareness

– Higher Conversion Rates

– Lower Cost Per Acquisition


Let us implement retargeting for your company!

Brand Recognition #Awareness Lower CPA #Conversions

Retargeting Code Implementation

We carefully research your industry and your competitors. From there we build a game plan to help you have the best chance of ranking well and outshining your competitors.

Audience Building

By carefully researching your industry our team is able to determine the best keywords/search terms we need to target and develop content for.

Ad Creation

Our on-site optimization includes us updating key elements including title tags, meta tags, internal linking structure, copy and more.

Retargeting Ads Management

Our link building efforts result in us earning high value links pointing to your website which ultimately leads to higher trust and preferential placement within search engines.

Live Reporting App / Dashboard

No more waiting on reports… Get performance data in real time!

Our app/dashboard interfaces with platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and more to bring you campaign data in real time.

Live Reporting

Forget monthly or even weekly reporting! We give you our special app where you can track performance data in real time! Just open the app and there it is; all of the data for any date range you want to see.

View Custom Date Ranges

All of your reporting is live and easily accessible through the AbsolutelyDominate app. This includes all of your previous performance data as well. Just select the date range you want to see and BAM!

Insightful Spend Breakdowns

We break your spend down by age and gender so you can see exactly who is clicking on your ads. This helps us determine where your advertising dollars are best spent and helps us make smart optimizations as to where we allocate your ad spend.

Easy to Understand

We’ve worked very hard to make our reporting intuitive. Every metric is defined so you understand exactly what you are looking at. Our reporting dashboard also includes many helpful visualizations to help you digest your metrics.