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We Can Help You Build a Fence Around Your Prospects


Wouldn’t it be great if your offer could follow your customers across the web as they surf other websites?

Well, now you CAN!

Most visitors come to your website for a reason — they have a certain level of interest in what you can do for them.

Most Visitors Will Leave Before Taking Action

But due to things like distractions or procrastinations… most visitors will leave WITHOUT taking the action(s) — phone call, fill out form, etc. — you need for them to take.

Re-Targeting Brings Them BACK

But with Re-Targeting we can help you keep your offer in front of your customer for as long as you want – WITHOUT them having to be on your website to see it.

Using Re-Targeting we have helped some companies double or even triple the amount of their leads or sales!

Effective Re-Targeting campaigns can turn previously unaffordable advertising campaigns into profitably sustainable, successful ones.

How Does Re-Targeting Work?

Every time someone visits your website they are ‘cookied’. After they leave your website and surf other sites this ‘cookie’ triggers your display and/or text ads on other websites.

This keeps your brand and your offer in front of your prospects/customers, serving to increase brand awareness and eventually sales.

Re-Targeting represents the old marketing adage that sometimes it takes MULTIPLE exposures to a company’s offering or brand before a prospect takes the desired action.

Re-Targeting Can Be Complicated… But That’s Okay

There are many types of re-targeting, including geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, mobile re-targeting, premium-site targeting and more.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand this. You won’t need to.

We Are RE-Targeting EXPERTS

Re-Targeting Maximizes Your Ad Spend!

If done properly, re-targeting can maximize both your SEO and AdWords campaign, serving to bring visitors BACK to your website at a much cheaper price than you originally paid to get them there! Watch the video below and then call us now to get a custom-tailored Re-Targeting campaign for your business!